Areas of Practice

Areas of Profession

The Firm has handled various matters in its Civil Litigation, Commercial, Conveyancing, Intellectual Property, Employment, Corporate and Information Technology law practice for variety of clients.

The Firm has had successes and has demonstrable ability in delivery and achievement of clients desired results in sector specific industries and fields.

propertylaw kounah advocates

Property Law and Conveyancing

The Firm executes substantial amount of conveyancing work this is one of its major areas of practice/ specialization. We deal in all kinds of real property transactions for Companies, Cooperative Societies (SACCOS) and individual clients, which include preparing for them instruments such as transfers, licences, leases, sales, purchases
Debt Recovery, Receiverships, Bankruptcy & Liquidation kounah advocates

Debt Recovery, Receiverships, Bankruptcy & Liquidation

The Firm routinely handles winding up, bankruptcy, liquidation, debt collection and receiverships. We have been instructed and been instrumental in preventive court action and defending vexatious winding up causes from being instituted against its clients.
Employment and Labour Law kounah advocates kenya

Employment and Labour Law

The Firm has been involved in settlement of employment disputes through litigation at the Industrial Court. These include: arbitration and actions relating to employee misconduct; benefits and managerial compensation; resolution primarily on behalf of individuals and corporate bodies by advising them
Family Law and Succession kounah advocates kenya

Family Law and Succession

The Firm has also handled various matrimonial cases including divorce, custody, settlement of matrimonial property cases and adoption. It maintains capacity to handle estate succession work for its clients including wills, petitions for grant of letters of administration, asset recovery and distribution.
Intellectual Property Law kounah advocates kenya

Intellectual Property Law

The Firm has an established intellectual property practice to handle trademarks and patent application procedures. This area involves protection of trademarks, service marks, patents, designs, copyrights law, passing off, geographical indications and enforcement of intellectual property right in matters involving intellectual property rights infringement, violations.
Co-operative Societies Law kounah advocates kenya

Co-operative Societies Law

The Firm has and continues to represent, guide and offer its legal services to the various co-operative societies in different parts of the country and more particularly in the agricultural sector which hosts the bulk of the co-operative movement especially in the coffee and tea sectors. The Firm has been instrumental in the
Investment and International Trade Law kounah advocates kenya

Investment and International Trade Law

We are constantly consulted on legal aspects of the business environment in Kenya. We advise entities on the regulatory requirements of setting up business and industries including formation, set-up, licensing and regulatory compliance. The Firm also advises on cross-border and international trade. We have been widely consulted in the area of export credit law.
Corporate Governance kounah advocates kenya

Corporate Governance

This practice encompasses the full range of legal services required by corporations and other business entities. These include, but are not limited to; corporate governance disputes, shareholders activism and minority vs.-majority shareholding conflicts.In addition the firm has equipped its lawyers with capacity in, the closely related areas of capital

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Firm actively participates in Alternative Dispute Resolution for a (such as Arbitration and mediation) both in a representative and adjudicative capacity. In appropriate cases, the Firm initiates and encourages its clients to explore ‘out of court settlement’ of disputes. This usually promotes the speedy resolution of disputes which in turn translates into reduced legal costs .




“We maintain a strong emphasis on professionalism, competence, thoroughness, honesty, accessibility to clients and expediency in responding to our clients’ needs and queries, The Firm has wide experience in private equity and industry specific sectors including telecommunications, media, technology and e-commerce.”